Monday, April 11, 2011

Social Media isn't marketing's networking! But how???

This is interestingly enough something that I often say to my clients and prospects when we are talking about social media and how it can impact their business. 99% of the clients I interact with I met while for them to understand social media really is not as big of a learning curve as they think. They already get it! Its just an electronic version of what they are already doing but with an infinitely larger reach! But HOW? Not in reference to the boring technical aspect of social media, and not even in the daunting daily actions steps that one should take to stay consistent in their efforts...but HOW TO ENGAGE PEOPLE? Well read on...this is a great posting by my friend and co-founder of Fuzed Marketing, Gary Stockert, that hits on some pretty interesting points. Who are you talking to? And what do you want to say?

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