Monday, June 20, 2011

10 Reasons to Blog Even if NOBODY reads it!

Ten Reasons to DO IT even if NO ONE LISTENS:

1.       SEO-content is king when Google crawls websites and ranks them in the search engines.
2.       Marketing Differentiation-you will be the leader instead of following the leader-BE DIFFERENT!
3.       Infinite Content Search Life-I still find posts that are from 2006 popping up in the search engines! Very cool.
4.       Cost effective sales call-re-purpose your content offline, use it in drip emails-more time efficient marketing!
5.       Use as reading assignments, answer client questions with content or give prospects something to "shop" you with.
6.       Direct Sales-hey it could happen! :)
7.       Indirect Sales-Yes yes and yes. This is what social media marketing IS PEOPLE!
8.       New Product Development-involve your captive audience to engage in solving issues or problems and give feedback and criticism!
9.       Crisis Management. –‘nough said. Something happening in the world that you you can capitalize on in your business or perhaps contribute to finding a solution to a problem? GO FOR IT!
10.   Because I said so! 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Social Media: STOP PLANNING!! So frustrating!!

We can talk all day about brand leveraging, unique selling propositions, finding the WHY, etc...but how do I get business owners to start asking for what they WANT and stop taking what they can get in their business model? With social media you can do so much more with so much less...but the commitment to learn something new and stop planning and start DOING has to be there.

THINK THIS:  Is my brand special? What am I good at? What is my voice saying now, what do I want it to say tomorrow? How do I feel? How do I want to be received?
Social media is about the interaction between people…it’s not about having just relevant content ONLY…but also having something interesting to say and that will entice, inspire, educate or give insight to those around you who already are listening to you! Let THEM tell everyone how great you are to effectively grow your online audience or community following…this is way more effective than simply shouting your message over and over and over again hoping that it’s not falling on deaf ears. THINK DIFFERENT. This is not about ROI…this is not about directly marketing. It’s about being in front of people when they don’t need you so that when they do…they think of you first! This is about finding a new way to actively engage with your clients not so that they will come do business with you once, but create a real relationship with purpose and value to where they will become forever clients instead of “for now” client.

When you engage, you begin to establish recognition in the power of personal interaction with

Monday, April 11, 2011

Social Media isn't marketing's networking! But how???

This is interestingly enough something that I often say to my clients and prospects when we are talking about social media and how it can impact their business. 99% of the clients I interact with I met while for them to understand social media really is not as big of a learning curve as they think. They already get it! Its just an electronic version of what they are already doing but with an infinitely larger reach! But HOW? Not in reference to the boring technical aspect of social media, and not even in the daunting daily actions steps that one should take to stay consistent in their efforts...but HOW TO ENGAGE PEOPLE? Well read on...this is a great posting by my friend and co-founder of Fuzed Marketing, Gary Stockert, that hits on some pretty interesting points. Who are you talking to? And what do you want to say?

Monday, January 24, 2011

"The New Rules of Branding Your Business Online"

This is a great article that I found regarding branding your business through social media today. As I sit down with business owners there are really only two kinds of people I meet in regards to this marketing method...those who have it implemented (sort-of) and don't know how to use it and those who have no clue where to even start looking to obtain it. My favorite people to work with are the ones that are brand new to social media, have a desire to learn, and are in a position to give it some time and attention in 2011. It is these people that will benefit in the long run because they chose to invest in themselves to learn how to tackle this thing called "social media" in a way that is healthy, strategic and WORKING for the growth of their business for the long haul. Hats off to those who are ready to learn and take the first step with their best foot forward. 


Mastering branding online takes a lot more than a cool logo and catchy slogan. Experts play by a fresh new set of rules. (January 12, 2011)

It's no longer enough to have a sleek website, social-media presence, and consistent brand aesthetic online. The new rules of branding your business on the Web have a lot less to do with presentation, and a lot more to do with interaction. In order to bring you up to speed, has compiled nine of the most innovative and ingenious tips from articles, guides, and interviews in Inc. and over the past year. These are the new rules of branding online.

1. Don’t just start the conversation.
Be an integral and evolving part of it. "Social media has one very important perspective to share with brand management—the conversation. Like branding, social media is all about the conversation and building effective relationships. They are perfectly suited to one another," says Ed Roach, founder of The Brand Experts, a brand management consultancy in West Leamington, Ontario, the author of The Reluctant Salesperson, a free e-book available at The rules for brand messaging through new media versus traditional channels haven't changed, but "the game sure got better and more interesting," says Roach. It's not enough to have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, you must participate in the conversation by making regular posts and replying to direct messages from your customers. Ron Smith, president and founder of S&A's Cherokee, a public relations and marketing firm in Cary, North Carolina, agrees, adding that you'll want to stay on top of what people are saying about you and your brand online. "Monitoring social media is a must for all companies. Social media has shortened the time frame for company responses to complaints or accusations. These days, companies need to acknowledge any issues and control the messaging in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days," says Smith. Read more.

2. Either keep your personal brand out of it…
So you have 10,000 Twitter followers. Does it matter to your customers? Tim Ferriss, the entrepreneur behind the sports nutritional supplements company BrainQUICKEN and author of The 4-Hour Workweek, told contributor John Warrillow: "Unless you’re in one of a handful of businesses like public speaking, I think managing and growing a personal brand can be a huge distraction for company founders. I see all of these entrepreneurs trying to collect Twitter followers, and it reminds me of a matador waving a red flag in front of a bull. In this case, the founders are the bull. The bullfighter moves the flag away, and the bull comes up with nothing but air. Steve Jobs has a personal brand, but it is Apple’s product design that makes it such a valuable company. He isn't jumping on Foursquare to develop his 'personal brand.'" Read more.

3. …or dive in and make all the headlines you can.
Appearing in the media as a source of expertise can go a long way toward building your brand, Inc.'s April Joyner reports. To gain press, identify media outlets that are most applicable to your particular areas of expertise and send them targeted pitches. If you want to be a talking head on radio or television, it also helps to give producers a preview of your personality by referring them to video clips on your site. As with print, the Web has also democratized the world of radio. Through venues such as BlogTalkRadio, anyone can host her or his own broadcasts—or find a show on which to appear. After you have honed an area of expertise, you will find that there are plenty of opportunities to take your message on the road. Becoming active in professional organizations and attending conferences offer valuable opportunities for networking. As you become more familiar within a certain field, more and more people will call on you to share your expertise. Making an appearance as a vendor at an event can also offer long-term personal branding benefits. Read more.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kill those darn Pigs! They're laughing at me!!!

I have heard a lot lately about this game ANGRY BIRDS...and I have to admit I'm not exactly savvy to playing "games" on my phone aside from the occasional Sims 3 with my five year old. I heard from a few people, corporate people, that I respect and admire professionally and personally tell me they are ADDICTED to this very silly and very simple game. I found this article and it made me chuckle. Now I only fear that if I try it...I too will become sucked into this angry bird flinging,egg eating pig game and I just don't have TIME!!! I hope you enjoy it!


January 4th, 2011 
By Allan Maurer
Angry BirdsUPDATED! DURHAM, NC – Kill those darn pigs, they’re laughing at me, I thought, loading another bird in its slingshot. I fire the bird, which, screaming a martial arts cry, careens toward a mass of stones protecting three green pigs. And bounces off. The pigs laugh, heh heh heh.
When I first heard of this “Angry Birds,” game, I thought, I’ll just try it out and see what all the fuss is about, shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. About 45 minutes later, I was stuck on level 14 and stopped. I couldn’t believe I had played for so long.
Whoever would have thought that sling-shooting red angry birds at towers of rock protecting little green pigs would be so addicting.  I sampled the popular “Angry Birds” game while testing a DROID PRO from Motorola for a review I’ll be doing here later. But I’m far from the only one the game hooked.

More than 40 million downloaded

More than 12 million copies of the 99-cent “Angry Birds” game have been downloaded, while 30 million copies of the free version, which includes ads, are on mobile phones.  On January 5, 2011, the game became available for Windows XP through Win 7 on teh Intel AppUP store, which targets netbooks.
According to Rovio, the Finland-based maker of “Angry Birds,” the iPhone version is played an average of 65 minutes a day by crazed pig killers. He said the ad-supported free version was projected to earn $1 million a month by the end of 2010. Also, by measuring how many people download updates, the company knows the game has a fairly amazing 80 percent retention rate.
The basic idea is that a bunch of pigs are stealing bird eggs and the birds retaliate.

One of the levels in Angry Birds
The game recently celebrated its one year anniversary and just yesterday Sony announced it would be available on Playstation 3 and Playstation Mobile. It is currently available for the iPhone, iPad, and DROID phones. A Windows Mobile 7 version is in the works.
I’ve always wondered if your brain does the same type of calculus – subconsciously – to figure out the trajectory of the Angry Bird missiles as it does to accurately throw a rock, spear, baseball, football, or basketball. You do learn to improve your shots as you go, although it gets progressively more difficult.
There are a few tricks: if you touch a bird in flight at the right arc, it splits into three missiles, doing more damage than a single hit would to the structures protecting the egg-stealing pigs. I did find the small touch screen on the DROID PRO a problem at times. But it didn’t stop me from playing.

Social Media is not a bunch of college students chatting on Facebook....