Monday, June 20, 2011

10 Reasons to Blog Even if NOBODY reads it!

Ten Reasons to DO IT even if NO ONE LISTENS:

1.       SEO-content is king when Google crawls websites and ranks them in the search engines.
2.       Marketing Differentiation-you will be the leader instead of following the leader-BE DIFFERENT!
3.       Infinite Content Search Life-I still find posts that are from 2006 popping up in the search engines! Very cool.
4.       Cost effective sales call-re-purpose your content offline, use it in drip emails-more time efficient marketing!
5.       Use as reading assignments, answer client questions with content or give prospects something to "shop" you with.
6.       Direct Sales-hey it could happen! :)
7.       Indirect Sales-Yes yes and yes. This is what social media marketing IS PEOPLE!
8.       New Product Development-involve your captive audience to engage in solving issues or problems and give feedback and criticism!
9.       Crisis Management. –‘nough said. Something happening in the world that you you can capitalize on in your business or perhaps contribute to finding a solution to a problem? GO FOR IT!
10.   Because I said so! 

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